We would be very happy to safeguard you from crises. Sadly, we can’t. What we can do, however, is to prepare you for them so well that you will be able to manage them confidently.

Think with us about the “unthinkable”: what it could be and when! Because the key to successful crisis prevention lies in getting prepared for an emergency. Usually there is scarcely time for this in everyday operations. But this homework needs to be done to ensure that the vulnerability of your company or organisation is minimised in an emergency. We are happy to support you in this, and discretion is our top priority:

  • Risk assessment
  • Solid analysis of your systems and processes in crisis management
  • Building and introducing crisis and prevention management
  • Definition of role models for crisis team members
  • Training for crisis processes and the crisis team
  • Training for situation meeting
  • Creation and design of crisis and emergency manuals
  • Building a legally watertight crisis management system with verification management
  • Organisation, support for and analysis of emergency and crisis exercises
  • Media coaching and training for first-spokespersons
  • On-call planning for crisis situations
  • Active assistance and support during crises

Crisis = opportunity

Just as in your private life: if you overcome a massive personal crisis, you emerge stronger from this phase of your life. The ultimate discipline in crisis management is the gift of turning an emergency into an opportunity.


Read here about the crises which have successfully been turned into opportunities:

Plan, communicate, exercise

Crisis communication

What is a crisis? How does an emergency differ from a crisis scenario? What can we do to successfully manage critical situations? How does good and correct crisis communication work? What parallels can I draw with my own company, and where is the potential for improvement in my situation?
In this seminar, including a workshop, you will be guided through all facets of critical situations by an experienced crisis manager, learn the most important Do’s and Don’ts of successful crisis communication and become familiar with the most important tools for managing critical situations.


Crisis team training

Crisis management is team work! A successful emergency management system puts you in a position to find ways out of incident scenarios and crisis situations. Well trained crisis team members are the basis of effective crisis managemen aimed at successfully managing critical situations.
In this seminar you will learn how to correctly assemble crisis teams, how interfaces are precisely defined, and how situation meetings can be held efficiently and correctly. Only well co-ordinated trained crisis teams can act professionally in crisis and emergency situations!


Crisis and emergency exercises

Crisis scenarios and emergencies cannot be reduced merely to fire drills. By designing and implementing realistic crisis and emergency exercises on your own site, we can let you experience realistic emergency scenarios. We support you in their implementation and organisation, co-ordination with the emergency and rescue services, and in debriefing. These scenarios will be compiled with yourselves to meet your specific needs.
After the exercise you will receive a detailed report and professional feedback on further development of your emergency management. We are happy to bring our camera team along to document the exercise, or to carry out exercises with the first-spokesperson.

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Crises don’t stick to opening hours.
That’s why we can be contacted around the clock, 365 days of the year.

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