Use the power of gestures

Use the power of gestures
In his current book, Gerald Kneidinger dedicates himself to the gestures of power in order to use this in a targeted manner during appearance and presentation.

You will get further if you know how to “make an impact” on your counterpart and make yourself “visible”. That is why it is very important to be able to master your own body language and to be able to use the most important gestures of powerful communication. In a word: using the gestures of power properly helps achieve one’s goals more easily.



“Use the power of gestures. Confident in appearance and presentation ”

ISBN 978-3-903167-14-8, Der Verlag Dr. Snizek e. U.,

Vienna 2021, 172 pages, 100 illustrations, four colors throughout

Ich schau‘ auf mich (I’m looking at myself)

The self-help book “Ich schau’ auf mich – 99 tips for mental health, nutrition and exercise”, commissioned by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, was completed by Doris Bogner at the end of 2019.

The book gives tips on how to manage the challenges of everyday life confidently and more calmly.

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“Ich schau‘ auf mich. 99 Tipps für Psyche, Ernährung und Bewegung”
ISBN 978-3-99062-570-5, Publisher Trauner Verlag, Linz 2019
2nd edition 2020, 212 pages

The 30-second story

Gerald Kneidinger is the author of the reference book “Die 30-Sekunden-Story. Der Mediencoach für Mikro und Kamera” (The 30-second story. Media coaching for microphone and camera).

It presents the Do’s and Don’ts for a perfect media appearance with practical examples. Topics such as body language, voice, appearance, clothing and stage fright are dealt with, as well as handling unfair questions.

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“Die 30-Sekunden-Story. Der Mediencoach für Mikro und Kamera”
ISBN 978-3-9502916-6-7, Publisher Dr. Snizek e. U.,
Vienna 2016, 127 pages

Hot air and hard facts

This book explains in simple terms what Public Relations is and can do.

How do media function, how do I get the right stories into the media? Can I prevent an undesirable presence? It is aimed mainly at entrepreneurs/chief executives of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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“Heiße Luft & harte Fakten” (Hot air and hard facts)
ISBN 978-3-9502916-1-2, Publisher Dr. Snizek e. U.,
Vienna 2010, 128 pages