Our camera coaching makes you “fit for media”. You get professional media training in a studio atmosphere. On your own premises or in our Linz TV studio, you gain confidence and experience in front a microphone and camera. After a short period of theory, you practice, practice and practice again. Until the microphone and camera become your friends. Absolute discretion is our top priority,

Fit for Media – Audiovisual Media Training

To speak in public is not the easiest task for most people. It gets even more challenging in front of a microphone or camera. But this can be decisively improved by properly targeted training. We live in a media age which requires a public presence. Good preparation is one half of the story. We have made well over 2,000 people from the world of business, politics, institutions and non-profit organisations “fit for media” in recent years, ready for appearances on television and radio, important interviews and panel discussions. Thanks to the boom in electronic media, demand increases by the day. We teach clarity and assurance when faced with microphones and cameras, to ensure that our participants can make complex topics understandable to listeners and viewers. The individually tailored training modules range from understanding the questioning tactics of journalists and specific argumentation strategies through to making a confident appearance in a media-appropriate setting and the right clothing for the camera.

  • TV and radio interviews
  • News reports
  • Live TV discussions
  • Panel discussions
  • Press conferences
  • First-spokesperson training for companies and the emergency services
  • Body language and rhetoric for public appearances
  • Body language for greater effectiveness in negotiations and round-table discussions

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